Outcast of Redwall

Our rating: ****

Sunflash, a young badger, is held captive by the evil ferret Swart Sixclaw. Then a kestrel named Skarlath helps him to escape. The two of them decide to stay together and help good beasts everywhere who need help. Then Sunflash is bitten by adders. While others care for him, he has a dream of Salamandastron, the mountain of the badger lords. Sunflash wakes up, knowing where he must go. Meanwhile, Swart has had a son, who is abandoned during a battle and found by the Redwall mice. All the creatures at Redwall think that the young ferret, who they have named Veil, will be evil, but one young mouse, Bryony, believes in him. Will Veil become like his father, or will he become a good beast?

Outcast of Redwall is one of the sadder books, yet there are funny parts. Enjoyable, but you may feel yourself figuring out the ending before you get to it. Don’t give up! You may be surprised.

3 Responses to “Outcast of Redwall”

  1. Ok, (sniff) I like this book (sob) a lot, I guess. Yes, I do like it. But what about the part. . . (sniff, sob, sigh.) No, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great book. It just has a really sad part in it. But other than that it’s got some great parts in it. Plenty of suspense.

  2. i think this was one of his saddest books i cried when skarlath was killed…but it has always been a real favorite of mine! it is one of his best.

  3. It seemed strange to me that the creature whom the book was named after wasn’t introduced to the story for a while. Oh well.

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