Our rating: **

Roverandom is a little dog, but one day, after not being polite to a wizard, he is turned into a small toy dog. He has many adventures, including a trip to the moon, where he becomes good friends with the man-in-the-moon, and his dog, Rover, and a visit under the ocean with some mermaids. But all the while, he keeps an eye out for the wizard in the hope that he may get his real doggy life back again.

I only gave this book two stars because parts of the plot seem a little slow, but it’s a very enjoyable book, and I certainly liked reading it. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote this fantasy story for his young son, after losing his toy dog at the beach. They never found the toy again, but the story served as a consolation.

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  1. A very cute book. A little slow, but your worries for Roverandom keeps you reading it. It has a slightly humerous L. Frank Baum sort of style, that tells it like it is. Once again, a good book.

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