The Magic of Oz

Our rating: *****

On Mount Munch, Kiki Aru has discovered his father’s magical secret word: Pyrzqxgl, which will transform him or anyone else he wishes to change to a different form. He turns himself into a hawk and flies over the Deadly Desert, away from Oz, and after spending a day in Ix, turns himself back again in the Land of Ev. There he joins with the Nome King and the two stir up trouble in the Forest of Gugu against Ozma and the land of Oz.

This is probably one of my favorite Oz books! Please read this one!

3 Responses to “The Magic of Oz”

  1. I want to read a good book. Pyrzqxgl! :-D

  2. The best Oz book, in my opinion.

  3. AAAH! Jordan, you turned into a good book! Can I read you? Hey, what’s this on the front page… Pyrzqxgl! Hey! Jordan, you’re back!

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