Our rating: *****

Now that the dragon population is on the rise, Kale has a myriad of dragon-keeping duties that consume her time. Bardon whisks her away on a quest with meech dragons Regidor and Gilda, who are searching for a lost meech colony. However, there is a subtle evil infiltrating Amara. A group calling themselves Followers claims that to truly follow Wulder, one must follow a strict set of rules. Kale, Bardon, and their friends must discern the truth, find the lost meech colony, and battle an ancient evil.

Folks, this book is deep! I don’t think I even scratched the surface with my summary. Donita K. Paul wraps up her amazing DragonKeeper Chronicles with a satisfying and delightful finale, answering many questions raised in the first four books, and opening the way for a few more. Of course, wonderful truths run through the entire book, making it more than just a story. I was so happy to find that characters absent from DragonFire reappeared here. The only problem I have is that this is the end of one of my favorite series. That aside (and it’s not much of a complaint!), DragonLight is certainly not to be missed.

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  1. Thank so much for the review. I’ve finished the next book, which will come out next summer. Do you know about the Motiv8 tour? In Oct. 8 Christian Fantasy authors are visiting 8 west coast cities in 8 days. For more information visit my website http://www.donitakpaul.com or http://www.fantasyfictiontour.com . We’re running a lot of contests between now and then, so visit all the authors listed on either site.

  2. We’re very excited about the tour! I’d love to come to one of the destinations, but I don’t live in that area, so there’s almost no chance of that. I did ask the Motiv8 people if they could possibly plan a tour for next year through my area.

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