Last of the Nephilim

Our rating: *****

If a sin is committed in Second Eden, a way will open for evil to get in. Oracle of Fire Acacia, son of Shem Elam, and former underworld slave Paili all arrive in Second Eden to stop such a crisis. Meanwhile, Ashley, Walter, and dragon Thigocia have all come to Second Eden as well. All of them realize how crucial the success of their mission is to the survival of the universe. But will they recognize the threat before it is too late?

At the same time, Billy Bannister tries to find out why his friend Bonnie and her mother have both taken off for fear of dragon slayers. It will take a trans-dimensional journey and many old friends to unravel the mystery that ultimately will bring them back to an ancient enemy.

I’m always left with a sense of just having gotten off a roller coaster when I finish these books. All of the characters have something to learn, something to accomplish, and are all important to the story. This may be overwhelmingly complicated, but that’s what makes this so good. It’s a depth of story that I don’t usually see in fantasy. Although Last of the Nephilim is a little bit slower than Bryan Davis’ other books that I have read, it is still well worth reading. I’m looking forward to the hair-raising conclusion that must be coming in Bones of Makaidos.

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