The Little Cow and the Turtle

Our rating: ****½

The little cow is very curious and is always ready to investigate new things around the farm. She makes friends with picnicking children, a group of hoboes, and a man changing a tire. One day, the little cow discovers a snapping turtle that is moving to a new pond. The cow follows the turtle on its journey across a road, several fields, and the dangerous railroad track.

There really isn’t much to say about The Little Cow and the Turtle. It is a wonderful, simple story with no swashbuckling action and no tough decisions—just a curious little cow and a grumpy old turtle. This beautifully written, memorable tale has become one of my new favorites.

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

Our rating: ****

A chicken crosses the road, beginning a hilarious chain reaction involving a burglar, an explosion, and stampeding cows.

Macaulay’s genius shines through brilliantly. The adults reading this book will enjoy it more than the children they are reading to. Make sure you look closely at the pictures for speech bubbles, goofy happenings, and the burglar hiding on most pages.