Rainy Morning

Our rating: ****

One dreary morning, Mrs. Submarine lets the cat in because it looks miserable out in the rain. This begins a hilarious series of visitors taking shelter from the rain, including a wildebeest, the Submarines’ car, and Beethoven.

Here’s a great book that is just a lot fun. That’s it. Nothing profound, no “lesson” at the end. And not just for the kids. Daniel Pinkwater also embeds wholesome humor that will go over the head of the child and be caught by the owner of the lap they are sitting on. Definitely worthwhile for a good laugh.

Lizard Music

Our rating: ***

Victor’s parents leave him at home with his sister, who quickly leaves with a bunch of her friends for a camping trip. He’s alone in the house and can do anything he wants: eat anchovy pizza, watch TV all night and build model planes on the dinner table. Victor meets a strange black man, who takes his pet chicken everywhere and goes under several names, with Charlie being the most prominent. Then, long after the TV stations stop broadcasting for the night, lizards take over the station and put on their own shows. Afterwards, Victor notices lizard music records, posters and advertisements all over his town. Victor thinks this is strangely connected to a movie he sees about Pod People from another planet who take over people one by one. He knows that Charlie holds the key to the whole mystery, but can Victor convince Charlie to tell him?

Lizard Music is probably one of Daniel Pinkwater’s weirdest books. Every little thing fits together and points to giant lizards. You may not want to read this if you’re not on good terms with reptiles. Otherwise, it’s pretty good, although I question Victor’s activities at home by himself. A thrilling story with many unusual twists and turns. Just don’t read it at night!

The Muffin Fiend

Our rating: ***

A dastardly crime has happened in Vienna! Somebody has stolen all the muffins. Inspector Charles LeChat enlists the help of Mozart, who likes nothing better than to solve mysteries and compose music. A great story with crazy off the wall elements of an extraterrestrial, the odd peasant, and Gorganzola muffins!

I love Daniel Pinkwater’s books. All his books are very funny, with very weird (but easily followed) plots that always end in some goofy fashion. Unfortunately, The Muffin Fiend is out of print, so you have to buy it used. See our Book Tips page for pointers on how to find out of print books.

Fat Men from Space

Our rating: **½

William’s tooth filling is picking up radio signals that he can control by clenching his teeth, putting metal objects in his mouth, and covering the tooth with his tongue. Then he hears some space men talking, and then the aliens suck him into their ship! They plan on invading earth to eat all the junk food! What will William do?

Loved it! It’s very funny and dramatic (if that’s at all possible). I wish it was bit longer, though.