Mary Poppins in the Park

Our rating: ***

The fantastic adventures with Mary Poppins continues in this book with a story of the Swineherd and the Goosegirl, reuniting a hunter and his lion friend, dancing with shadows, a visit to a planet with talking cats, and much more.

The sweet and amiable Mary Poppins portrayed in the movie is very different from the strict and stern Mary Poppins in the book, but the books have many more adventures, and Michael and Jane are never sure whether they really happened or not. Mary Poppins never explains, of course.

Mary Poppins

Our rating: ***

In this, the first Mary Poppins book, Mary Poppins comes to be the governess of the four Banks children, Jane, Michael, and the Twins. Strict and stern she may be, but when it comes to having tea up next to the ceiling, telling stories, putting stars back in the sky and talking to Hamadryads, Mary Poppins is an amazing person.

The Mary Poppins books are different from the movie. In the books, Mary Poppins is much more stern. Oh, and I’m sorry, but the dancing penguins are not included in the books. It’s fun how Jane and Michael are never quite sure if their adventures were real or not.

Mary Poppins Comes Back

Our rating: ****

Jane and Michael are flying a kite in the park, when it goes too high. When they pull it down, Mary Poppins is on the string! She’s back to be the Banks’ nanny for a second time. And so begins several adventures, including meeting Miss Andrew, Mr. Banks’ stern childhood governess; a visit to the odd Mr. Turvy; and many other delightful stories.

We all knew she’d be back, and so she is. Mary Poppins Comes Back is as good as the first book. A wonderful book for all ages.

Mary Poppins and the House Next Door

Our rating: ***

Miss Andrew, who used to be Mr. Banks’s governess, is coming to live in Number Eighteen, the house next door. The unpleasant Miss Andrew arrives, bringing with her Luti. (You’ll find out who or what Luti is if you read Mary Poppins and the House Next Door.) Luti is from the South Seas and soon feels he is being called home, so Mary Poppins, accompanied by the children, sends him home.

A pretty good book. Luti’s grandmother supposedly calms thunderstorms etc., but it’s still a pretty good book. The illustrator, Mary Shepard, is the daughter of Earnest Shepard, illustrator of the Winnie the Pooh books. Enjoy!