How to Sponsor the Read-a-Thon

Hello, everyone!

The Incredibooks Read-a-Thon preparations are in full swing. Memos are flying, in-boxes filling, and the Incredibooks team is moving full speed ahead.

Putting on the Read-a-Thon takes a tremendous amount of work each year. Planning begins months in advance as we work to make it the best year ever! We’re always on the hunt for fresh ideas to implement, and we’ve come up with a good one:

This year, we’re offering you the opportunity to sponsor the Read-a-Thon by prize donations, or by purchasing ad space on our site.

Just $20 gets you a 125 x 125 slot on our sponsors page, and we’ll also put your ad in the rotation on the Read-a-Thon site sidebar until the next Read-a-Thon. We’re also planning a thank-you blog post. During the height of the Read-a-Thon, our stats rise above 1,500 page views a day, so this is a great opportunity to expose teens and their parents to your site.

Interested? Visit the sponsorship information page for more details.

Thanks for your support! You’re helping to make the Read-a-Thon possible.