Freddy and the Men from Mars

Our rating: ****

Herb Garble, Mrs. Underdunk’s brother, is traveling with Boomschmidt’s circus, where he is exhibiting what he claims are live Martians. Freddy and the gang are sure something’s wrong, and while they are trying to figure out how to expose the Martians without hurting Mr. Boom’s reputation, the rats show up again. It’s packed full of fun, adventure, and plenty of the circus animals.

This is a pretty good Freddy book. Simon’s back, of course, and he’s not my favorite character. Although, since he’s the badguy, he’s not supposed to be your favorite character. Anyway, the rabbits’ club, The Horribles, is in this one, and eventually some real Martians come in their flying saucer. The Martians play a big part in Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars, and also Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans.

4 Responses to “Freddy and the Men from Mars”

  1. Actually, the Martians are not in Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans.

  2. No, but they are mentioned as the ones who give Uncle Ben the plans and start the whole adventure.

  3. Another favorite of mine!

  4. Another hilarious Freddy book! Walter R. Brooks has a sense of humor!

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