Read-a-Thon Sponsors

If you’ve been following events around here recently, you know that Incredibooks is hosting a Read-a-Thon. We’d like to say thank you to the three authors who have graciously agreed to offer their books as prizes.

Bryan Davis is our first sponsor. He is a teen fantasy author who speaks at events about reaching children with fantasy.  For more about Mr. Davis and his books, visit his blog, Web site, or the interview Incredibooks did with him last year.

Our second author is Donita K. Paul, who also writes fantasy books. She speaks in schools and libraries, conducts weekly writing chats online with fans, and also devotes one a chat per month to answering questions about herself. Find out more about Mrs. Paul and her books at her Web site, dragon blog, and our interview with her.

Last alphabetically, but certainly not least, is Eric Reinhold. He just released his brand new book Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith, which is one of the prizes for the Read-a-Thon this year! For more about Mr. Reinhold and his books, see his official site, his blog, and our interview with him.

Thanks to all three of you! We really appreciate your willingness to help out.

For everybody else who’d like to extend their thanks, please leave a comment. And be sure to join the Read-a-Thon and participate in the fun this summer. Registration closes June 7th, so sign up now!

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