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Part of our Read-a-Thon 2010 highlight posts.

Today we’re highlighting one of our prize sponsors. Bryan Davis is an author who writes some great fantasy books. He has written several series and also has the distinct honor of a nearly perfect five-star record here on Incredibooks (we’ve only rated two of his books lower: four-and-a-half stars). Here are the first books of three of his series:

Raising Dragons

Two teens discover that they have dragon parents, which gives them some unique dragon abilities. Billy can breath fire and Bonnie has dragon wings. They quickly find out that there are dragon slayers dating back to King Arthur’s day who will stop at nothing to kill them and their families. Older readers.

This is the beginning of a four-book series, which is followed by a sequel four-book series, Oracles of Fire.

Beyond the Reflection’s Edge

Nathan Shepherd is launched into a race against time to save the world in this first book in a series about three parallel worlds. Some good spy-type action going on here. Older readers.


There have been legends of dragons stealing humans and taking them to a dragon planet, where the humans are enslaved. Jason Masters doesn’t really believe these tales until his brother entrusts him with a mission involving the dragon planet and the fate of the human race. Older readers.

These are all wholesome, edge-of-your-seat fantasy novels, and most of the books are about 400 pages (some are longer). So not only are they some great books, but they’ll also go a long way toward boosting your page count.

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