Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword

Our rating: ****

One night Ryann Watters is visited by the angel Gabriel and assigned the task of finding the king’s sword. He is given three objects to help him in his quest: a ring, a horn, and a staff. However, that same night Drake Dunfellow, a boy living in the same town, is visited by a dark angel who charges him to stop Ryann. Join Ryann and his friends Liddy and Terell as they travel to and from the world of Aeliana; meet new friends; discover the powers of the ring, horn, and staff; and eventually are swept into a clash of good and evil where only one side can be victorious.

I enjoyed this book. At the climax I didn’t want to put it down! Figuring out how to handle the parent characters in stories like these can be a challenge for an author (I know from experience) and I think Eric Reinhold pulled it off nicely. Overall a good read, and I am looking forward to when the sequel, Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith, comes out! (As a note, I went ahead and categorized this book for all ages, but I would recommend it for readers somewhere around 10 and up.)