Freddy the Pig Series

Back before World War II, Walter R. Brooks was bored one day and wrote Freddy Goes to Florida. Twenty-six wonderful books later, Walter Brooks died. All his books went out of print, but they were not forgotten. Coming back to the shelves through Overlook Press, Freddy the Pig is still a character to be well loved. These are some of our favorite books, but many are still not in print. You may have to juggle your way through inter-library loans to read the whole series.

To learn more about Freddy and his friends, visit The Official Freddy Website.

Some of our favorite characters from the Freddy series are:

  • Jinx the Cat
  • Mr. Boomschmidt
  • The Sheriff
  • Red Mike
  • Mrs. Peppercorn
  • Looey
  • Leo the Lion
  • Charles the Rooster
  • The Horrible Ten
  • Jerry the Rhino
  • Samuel Jackson the Mole
  • Mrs. Wiggins
  • And of course, Freddy the Pig

Some of our favorite disguises that Freddy wears include:

  • The Irish Woman
  • Snake Peters
  • Mr. Arquebus
  • Lorna Del Pardo the Spanish lady
  • Peppercorn Talcum

Anybody with a sense of humor and a love for good books should read Freddy!